Durable Products

Our products, which we produce with 100% pure raw material instead of recycled material, are much more robust than their counterparts. 

High Quality

From the first to the last point, high quality is our priority and our biggest advantage at every stage of production.

Efficient Pricing

We always strive to offer affordable prices on every product without compromising on quality, durability and respect for the environment.

About Us

High Quality

Our company, which was established in 2002, deals with wide-ranging sectors in various fields about production and consultancy.  

SİBA PAK has been producing its products in accordance with world standards with modern technologies since the first day it was founded. With the pure raw materials it uses, it produces the highest quality, durable products without compromising its sensitivity to the environment.

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Over 20 years of experience in the industry.

We operate as a solution partner in areas such as production and consultancy in our country and abroad.

Product Range


Plastic Hoops are preferred in various sectors as an alternative to Steel Straps today.

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Air Powered Strap Machines

With buckles, strapping is done on all kinds of surfaces. It connects the steel hoops at the joint with a buckle. It is used on Large – Small, Round – Level surfaces.

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Manual Strap Machines

Pallet and parcel strapping is used manually and it is the healthiest of the buckle system. It does not come out of the joint like a metal buckle. Seamlessly strapping.

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Tamamlayıcı Ürünler

It has various usage applications, it can be used with heat as well as with a buckle. It is the ideal choice for light and medium weight packaging.

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Your Reliable Solution Partner in Industrial Packaging

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